About Dr. TOmecki

Dr. George Tomecki

Dr. Tomecki has over 20 years of experience in the medical field.  

Dr. Tomecki received his pre-medicine Bachelors of Science degree from Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Illinois.  He was active in both leadership and athletic roles at IWU, where he was inducted into the Biology Honors Society.  

He received his medical education from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in Springfield, Illinois, where he served as class president for all four years.  Upon graduation, he was inducted into the AOA Medical Honor Society, which represents the top 10% of graduating medical students across the country.   

Dr. Tomecki’s passion for treating patients throughout the life span led him to Hinsdale Family Medicine Residency.  During his three years at Hinsdale, he spent time training across many fields, including Pediatrics, Adult Medicine, Women’s Health, Geriatrics,  Dermatology, etc. 

Dr. Tomecki is Board Certified in Family Medicine.

Dr. Tomecki and his wife, Rebecca, live in the western suburbs with their twin children.  He mostly enjoys spending time with his family.  His hobbies include Apple Inc, computerized ‘gadgets’, researching renewable resources/ organic food, Tesla (solar and autos), and incorporating environmentally friendly products into daily lifestyle.  

Dr. Tomecki is also fluent in Polish.

We hope that you will come to see Dr. Tomecki as an evidence-based, ‘current’ physician who is personable, reliable, and has a genuine care for his patients.

Health Tips:

Watch Your Weight!  

Losing weight may lower your risk of several diseases (heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, etc). 

Blood pressure goes down 2mmHg for EVERY kg of weight lost.  

More than 80% of cases of type 2 Diabetes can be attributed to obesity.

By simply decreasing your calories by 250/ day and increasing exercise to burn 250/day (total net loss= 500 calories/ day) you can lose:

1 pound per week.

Broad Spectrum of Care

We see patients across the entire age spectrum:

We see patients across the entire age spectrum:

The Family Doctors provides a broad spectrum of healthcare and services for the entire family.  

We pride ourselves on providing you a medical home.  

We see patients across the entire age spectrum:

We see patients across the entire age spectrum:

We see patients across the entire age spectrum:

New Born Infants 

Child and Adolescents

Adult Care

Women GYN Care

Geriatric Care

Examples of care:

Acute symptom evaluation, preventative medicine, school/ sports physicals, gynecological exams, contraception,  immunizations, wellness, etc


We see patients across the entire age spectrum:


We draw your blood for the lab tests right here in the office.  

You receive the results in the patient portal along with a personalized explanation letter typed by Dr. Tomecki.

We can forward the results to any other health provider for their review.


Emergency & After Hours:


We try to keep all of the currently recommended vaccinations in stock, but let us know when you schedule your appointment.

(bring your shot record with you).

We provide all childhood and adult immunizations including:  

Shingrix ("shingles shot"), Gardasil ("HPV anti-cancer vaccine’"), Tdap (Tetanus, Diptheria, and Pertussis), Meningitis (both the ACYW and B), MMRV (Measles/ Mumps/ Rubella/ Varicella), Polio, Hepatitis (A&B), Pneumonia, Rota, AND all other recommended childhood immunizations.

Emergency & After Hours:

Emergency & After Hours:

Emergency & After Hours:

Non-emergency communication should be directed through the patient portal.

Our telephone number is the same day or night.  In an emergency, make sure to call 911.  Do NOT delay emergency care by calling the office.

Adhering to appropriate medical guidelines:

NO routine care/ antibiotics/ pain medications/ or prescription refills will be provided after office hours.


Emergency & After Hours:

Emergency & After Hours:

 To provide you with the most current and evidence-based care, Dr. Tomecki actively manages all patients that are taking prescription medications, and plans your refills to coincide with your next visit.  Therefore, when your prescriptions are running low, that means you need to schedule an appointment.
Any new prescription will require an office visit with Dr. Tomecki.  Please go to the portal or call our office to schedule an appointment.

Do not assume that the pharmacy will automatically grant your refill request.  They may notify you that you need a follow-up visit with Dr. Tomecki and a new prescription.

What about the Environment?


We strive to be environmentally minded.

Electricity:  100% of our electricity comes from windmills 

(switch your power by calling ComEd or visit AEP Energy below):

Paper:  ALL our printer & toilet paper / business cards comes from recycled paper 

Lighting:  ALL our lighting comes from energy efficient LED bulbs 

(NO incandescent bulbs here)

Recycling:  Everything possible from the office is recycled 

Do your part:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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